Design Arts is a graphic design, photography and communications bureau based in Gisborne, New Zealand.

The principal is Gray Clapham, a graphics and design professional of 30 years experience in most aspects of communications media.

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Gisborne: A Place By The Sea


Design Arts publishes an annual Gisborne pictorial calendar which includes an advance purchase offer for business offering company logo and overprinting oneach page. > MORE

Design and Print.

With 20 years of experience in the world of print there is nothing we can not achieve - from high-end coffee-table publications to throw away flyers.

DLE Size Brochures:
The 3-fold DLE brochure is our speciality. We have designed and printed hundreds of 3-fold brochures for our extensive list of clients locally and nationally. What gives Design Arts the edge over our competitors is the mix of design, photography and journalism. Gray Clapham's library of great Gisborne and commercial images is available for illustration - and we will also venture out and take the photographs especially for the job.

It is not all about design! The copy, or the editorial used in the brochure is of huge importance - we call on our journalistic, advertising and creative writing skills to make brochures that really communicate.

Booklets, Magazines and Guides:
We print
booklets, prospectuses and guides for many needs. We have designed books for Maui Campervans, the city of Cairns, Norfolk Island and Tourism New Zealand. For 10 years we designed and edited the magazine of the Maori Fisheries Commission.

Business Cards:
Design and print. The best deals around.

We are print brokers. We access the best and most cost-effective print solution for every job.